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Codependency Coaching:

Working with codependent women aged 30-65 who are single, divorced or have been married to emotionally or physically abusive or narcissistic men. Who have minimal to severe health problems associated with codependency such as depression, stress anxiety or over eating.

Who want to learn self-love techniques and find freedom and peace. Who have lost their sense of self and want to know who they are and learn to love life again by finding and pursuing the hobbies and talents they once had.

My specialty is to help these women conquer self-defeating beliefs and help to empower them to walk with confidence and tremendous self-worth. 

                                       Codependent Assessment:

From Co-dependent to INTER-dependent
Are you codependent? Most of us have some level of codependency.

Being codependent can severely affect your life. With this assessment, discover the traits of codependency to see if you are codependent and then begin to learn ways to break free from codependency and learn self-love techniques.

 Rate each statement from 1 to 5. 1 as never, 3 as sometimes to 5 as always.

I struggle with mood swings, depression or anxiety
I feel guilty about things I shouldn’t
I tend to side on the perfectionist personality
I have unclear or poor boundaries
I have a history of dysfunctional relationships
I tend to say yes when I want to say no
I put other before myself on a regular basis
I feel persistently sad, anxious or empty
It is important to me that people like me
I struggle with anger issues
I am a people pleaser
I feel bad if I let someone down
I have difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions
I grew up in an alcoholic family or with trauma or abuse
Often feel shameful and not good enough
I often give until it hurts
I fear rejection
I take things personally
I over commit myself
I feel angry, victimized, un-appreciated, and used

 If you scored between 1-30 you may have some codependent traits or have been codependent in the past but are becoming a free and happy woman, breaking away from codependency. As everyone struggles a little bit with codependency, life coaching may be helpful for you.

If you scored between 31-60  you are on your way to freedom from codependency but you definitely have some self-sabotaging and self-destructive behavior to break away from, you could definitely use the self-love techniques we use in life coaching.

If you scored between 61-100  you are a codependent and you would benefit from some healthy techniques that would bring you towards self-love, self-worth and self-confidence to bring hope, healing and freedom for you to become your BEST self!

 It is ok to say no. You can stop people pleasing. You CAN do what is best for you, and start setting boundaries. You CAN state your needs without feeling guilty. You can love and be loved, unconditionally, by freeing yourself from codependency.

Breaking away from codependency empowers you to have healthy and happy INTER-dependent relationships.

 You will learn to:
*Set and enforce healthy limits
*Learn empowering ways to give and nurture
*Let go and detach from others harmful behaviors
*Let go of personal toxic traits and habits
*Get in touch with yourself
*Prioritize self-care
*Maintain open communication
*Nurture intimacy

And Improve every area of your life from career, financial, friendships, relationships, spiritual and health.