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Wellness Coaching

Change your habits, Change your life.


What is Wellness Coaching?

While the role of a physician to a patient tends to be more authoritative,  the role of  coach to a player is more supportive.

As a wellness coach (health and life coach) I help guide and be a supportive mentor who empowers clients to take responsibility for their health and achievement of their personal wellness goals. Some common areas I coach in is the emotional (emotions and feelings), physical (body and outer wants and needs), mental (mind) and spiritual (your Higher power).

A wellness Coach does not take the place of a medical practitioner by diagnosing, treating, or taking responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a clients life; rather a wellness coach encourages positive changes within client-driven wellness goals.

We guide towards  a strong focus on behavioral choices along with the basic understanding of overall health fulfilling an important and distinct role that compliments the tasks of health professionals and works harmoniously to develop strategies that enact real, lasting lifestyle changes.

One Hour-$75

Package of 4-$275

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