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*Life Coaching*

​​Integrative Wellness Therapy

​​​Fitness*Massage*Wellness Coaching

In Office:

90 minutes- $170

In Home-$195


Therapeutic/Medical Massage

In Office: 60 minutes $105

               90 minutes $140

In Home: 60 minutes $130

               ​90 minutes $165

​Massage incorporating techniques to relieve pains due to stress, tension, accidents, and severe pains. I use hot stones, CBD cream, cupping, e-stim and a combination of trigger point therapy and myofascial release.

Can help;

Headaches and migraines


Severe back and neck pain

Rheumatoid arthritis


Whip Lash

Injuries and Accidents

And More...

Did you know that inflammation on all levels have a direct correlation to how we fuel our body with our food and how we move?
Did you know that you can drastically improve your body’s aches and pain by what you eat and by exercise alone?
Did you know that inflammation, pain, anxiety, fatigue, depression, digestion/stomach issues and much more can be relieved by exercise, yoga, nutrition and meditation?
Did you know that even cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes can be helped and possibly even be reversed with proper diet and exercise?

I’ve done all the necessary schooling to become a personal trainer and health coach to be able to help people on a deeper level. Now I’m going to put my learnings to use!
I know first hand what nutrition and exercise can do for your body. I am living proof that exercise alone can help heal pain. I did it for myself, healing my sciatica of 2 years by weight training and by changing my diet and I’ve been able to stop and heal the severe pains I was having in my stomach. I am so passionate about this, I want to incorporate my learnings to my clients for everyone to benefit.
The main reason I wanted to incorporate these learnings into my business was because It was hurting me to hear so many people in pain, with cancer, and hurting people that I wanted to help more people on a deeper level, and I knew that diet and exercise was the key.

I am pleased to announce these changes to my service that will be of tremendous benefit to you! I am adding on to the time from 50 minutes to 60-75 minutes. Incorporates 50 to 60 minute massage and 15-25 minute fitness/nutrition. Because I am so passionate about this I am only increasing the amount to $100 from $85. I didn’t want to change the pricing to much, but you get a better, longer, more personable service.

Who Benefits?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from this therapy!!

The many benefits include;

Relieves Pain

Releases Toxins

​Promotes Healing

Weight loss

​Muscle Gain

​Gain Mobility to stiff joints

​Strengthen injured, fatigued or atrophied muscles

​Promotes balance and flexibility

​Guides you on making healthy nutritional and lifestyle choices that are right for you

​Gain sense of confidence

​Enjoy doing the things you love again without pain an immobility!

​Can help and heal;

​Many physical ailments including;

​Scoliosis, lordosis, and kyphosis


​Tendonitis and bursitis


​Stress and Tension

​Neck and Back pain

​Frozen Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Syndrome

​Headaches and Migraines


​Injuries from car accidents

​Plus Many more!

This program combines massage, fitness and wellness coaching all into one to create balance in the person as a whole. So it really is holistic healing...healing from the inside out. To meet your fullest potential you have to create balance for optimal health. Just like you cant just workout and expect to be healthy, you have to eat right and think right too. You can not be truly healthy without treating the body as a whole. With Integrative Wellness Therapy I promote health and wellness on ALL levels; body, mind and spirit.

Each session is uniquely tailored to your personal health and wellness needs. 

What you can expect;

Massage;​ Targeting the areas of concern. Incorporating my specialty tools as well as hot stones and essential oils.

50-60 minutes each session.

Fitness;​ I will costume make a fitness routine that will fit your individual needs that you we will do together in session as well as take with you.

10-15 minutes each session.

​Wellness Coaching;​ Combining health and life coaching. I will guide you and help you reach all your goals; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

​10-15 minutes each session.