Swedish Massage-                                                                                           50 Minute-$75               80 Minute-$100

This massage combines hands on techniques; including gliding, kneading and cross fiber friction while using a light to medium pressure. Using hot stones on back only to soothe and promote comfort.

Therapeutic Massage-                                                                                      50 Minute-$85              80 Minute-$110

Using a combination of massage modalities and techniques including trigger point therapy, myofacial release, deep tissure and medical massage therapies. Also using hot stones on back only to penetrate deeper into the muscle fibers, to assist in releasing tight muscles and for a better over all health and well-being. To relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Great for injuries, car accidents, whip lash, head aches, migraines, sciatica, scoliosis, poor sleep...just to name a few.

Integrative Wellness Therapy (massage with fitness and wellness coaching-​                    90 Minute-$120

Combining Therapeutic/Medical Massage with Exercise and Wellness Coaching. More advanced and targeted therapy for those with more severe issues associated with spinal dis-eases, accidents and other severe pains and dis-eases. Danielle is trained as a Medical Massage therapist/ Personal Trainer / Wellness Coach and believes that the person should be treated as a whole. 

Mini Massage-                                                                                                                    30 Minute-$45

Swedish/Therapeutic massage with use of hot stones.

In Home Massage-                                                       Swedish/Therapeutic   50 minute:$110           80 Minute-$140

                                                                                      Integrative Therapy                    90 minutes  $150

Includes drive time, set up and break down of table. Hot Stones and Essential Oils. 

Same amazing treatment only in the comfort of your own home. Taking the stress out of you traveling.  

To Book Appointments; Call Danielle at 239-200-1576





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