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Danielle is Amazing! 

My fiancé and I were vacationing and decided it would be nice to get in home massages. I contacted Danielle and she responded promptly (with in 30 minutes), scheduled us both for the following morning, arrived on time and did an amazing job. I don't get massages very often, but my fiancé does and she said it was probably the best one she's ever had. On top of everything else, Danielle was so sweet and polite. My fiancé is pregnant so Danielle made extra sure to take good care of her. Listen, I'm not the type of guy who writes reviews online, but we were both so pleased with the experience that I thought it was only fair to go out of my way to say thanks. Highly recommend!!

-Araron H.

I'm a very recent ampute and Danielle was nice enough to come to my house to do a massage on my stump. She is great and helped so much with the muscle spasms I was having. I highly recommend Danielle. She might be small but she is mighty.

-Terri Mehmet

Danielle is simply phenomenal. She is very experienced and very accommodating. I have used her services several times and I have to say every time it has been great. She helped me put together a house appreciation party for the ladies in my family that assisted me in the preparation of my wedding; she did 10 minutes massages to over 10 ladies. They were so happy and grateful! I could not have asked for more!! Thank you Danielle, you rock!!

-Stephanie Gomez 

Amazing!!! Knows exactly where you hurt just by touching. She is the best.-Irene Arcario

This was the first time I've used this app and to my delight she made it the best possible experience. She responded very quickly and was able to fit me in next day which was outstanding and was even a little early. The quality of work was perfect, not one complaint. I quickly set up another session. When you find someone good, hang on the them.

-Chey W.

Danielle was excellent, she's very strong for such a petite woman. I highly recommend her. -Kevin C.

Very strategic massage in working muscles an no soreness after treatment, in fact just the opposite. -Barry S.

Do you love a massage that includes hot rocks, calm, relaxing, amazing attention to every stressed out knot on your back? Detail oriented atmosphere and most of all...she has a kind soul. You should definitely go to Danielle. She has 18 years experience and its the best!! 

-Angie See

The type of work that I do contributes to reoccurring bouts of neck and back pain. Recently I was experiencing a severe flare up and consulted with Danielle at Trinity Wellness. Danielle Recommended stretching exercises, posture adjustments and massage therapy. After two visits, my back pain was much better. Danielle is an excellent therapist! When I'm in Naples, I now schedule regular visits with her.

-Scott Grevey

After trying many therapists for my spine issues with poor results, I found Danielle. She is very dedicated to her massage work and your wellness as a client. She will focus on what your needs are. It takes a while to establish a good relationship with a massage therapist and I finally found the right one here in Naples!

-Bruce Baker 

I am73 years old, a golfer and active. I have had multiple surgeries and been under chiropractic care for 40+ years. I started my therapeutic massages with Danielle 5 + years ago. Danielle has all the knowledge and professional care to work with various muscles/tissues where needed to help me maintain my pain management and flexibility. I highly recommend Danielle.

-Newt Wood, Naples, Fl

Very professional, highly skilled, awesome lady and great massage!

-Lacey MacMaster

Danielle is a True Angel! I was in extreme pain from a back injury and had to wait 27 days for surgery to repair a ruptured disc in my lower back.  I was stuck in the vortex of the hospital wanting to be paid by the VA prior to admitting me for surgery. Nice, huh? Thank God veterans get much better care now. Danielle treated me for the pain with 3 amazing massages that were about a week apart each. She game me some very necessary breads from the pain so I could get through it all with far less stress. I recommend Trinity Wellness and Danielle to anyone looking for a professional that is well trained in massage and pain relief. Danielle is Amazing. 

I have been getting a therapeutic massage on a monthly basis from Daninelle for a couple years now. My last physical exam with my doctor was blood pressure was sown and my doctor took me of my cholesterol medicine. I attribute this in part to the massages. Danielle is excellent. She pinpoints the pain area and works it out. Thank you Danielle! You're the best!

-Sally Anderson

After waking up not being able to move because of back spasms, Danielle did a house visit. I can not recommend her more. Professional, on time, friendly and knowlegeable is what she presents. My back felt so much better after my therapeutic massage. 

-Sue Schaffel

I had the pleasure of a superb massage from Danielle today and she knows exactly what parts of my back to focus o. She game me incredible relief and I will definitely return. I highly recommend her for an excellent, professional massage.

-Vicki Griffiths